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Business mediation.

Interpersonal conflicts such as bullying, harassment or payment disputes, as well as other disputes between departments or with suppliers cost time, cause considerable strain and can have a negative impact on the productivity of the entire organisation.

We help you to bring conflicts under control and resolve them without violence. Interpersonal conflicts can emerge in the following cases:

  • business transfers and handovers
  • between departments
  • between stakeholders and managing directors
  • between members of a family within a family-run business
  • between employers and employees

In such cases workplace mediation has proved to be an ideal solution. It enables you to bridge and overcome differences of opinion, and to resolve critical conflicts in out-of-court settlements. Our approach in this regard is based on the proven 5-stage model of:

  • establishing the facts
  • collecting issues and subject areas
  • collecting positions and interests
  • appraising possible solutions and a
  • final agreement

Parties to a conflict require support in conflict situations. There should be no losers. Both parties should become winners with the aid of constructive talks.