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Tax advisory services.

In our capacity as tax consultants we provide a fully comprehensive range of tax advisory services, both in regional and cross-border matters. here, our staff work together and in proper agreement with the authorities. after all, only critical but fair cooperation with the authorities leads to positive outcomes for our clients.

Show the banks or other business partners just how strong you really are with a professional presentation. We provide you with clear figures and support you in your preparations. As part of our recurrent tax advisory services we can prepare your annual financial statement, your tax return, check your tax assessments and inform you of your best options as well as legal amendments and their impact on your company or organisation. Professional advice and guidance is especially important for positive outcomes in the case of company tax audits. We represent your interests in the case of company tax audits and financial crime, and work hard to ensure you get your rights.


Our portfolio of services:

Recurrent tax advisory services

  • ongoing information in regard to tax issues and current changes in tax legislation
  • appraisals of tax law issues
  • representation before tax authorities
  • preparation of tax returns and audits of tax assessments
  • advice, guidance and representation for company tax audits
  • periodic client updates

Advice, guidance and representation before authorities

  • preparation of complaints to the Federal Finance Court
  • support for complaints to the Administrative Court and Constitutional Court
  • representation before the fiscal authorities
  • representation in cases of financial crime

Advice and guidance in regard to cross-border and international matters

  • advice and guidance in association with our DFK partners in over 80 countries
  • advice and guidance on double taxation issues
  • advice and guidance on deploying staff in other countries
  • advice and guidance on cross-border series of transactions
  • accountancy services, payroll accounting und preparation of annual financial statements for companies from other countries

Tax planning

  • calculation, definition and implementation of optimum tax strategies
  • advice and guidance on the choice of the appropriate legal form for minimising your tax burden
  • definition and deployment of the optimum policies and instruments for the specific tax balance sheet

Preparation of annual financial statements

The annual financial statement not only forms the most important basis for calculating taxable income but also serves to reflect the financial and economic situation of your company.

In the interests of your company, the annual financial statement must also contribute to a future improvement in earnings and support and back up the management board as well as other stakeholders in taking future corporate decisions.

Reporting throughout the year

Many companies have found that their main banks increasingly ask for interim results in the form of short-term income statements. By submitting high-quality reports throughout the year, companies can underscore their personal credibility.

Nonetheless, the primary goal of our accountancy services is always to offer you a timely, sound and essential foundation, enabling you to guide and control your company – and respond more quickly with better decisions.

Payroll accounting

Compliance with regulations governing employment, income tax and social insurance legislation doesn’t just protect employers against unexpected back payments.

For this reason we offer you advice and guidance on issues concerning recurrent account billing and payment, e.g. implementing your entire payment transactions related to payroll accounting (salaries and deductions) as well as managing periods of absence (due to holidays and illness, etc.); and we also offer advice and guidance on employment and social insurance legislation as well as representation before the relevant financial and social insurance authorities.