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New companies and start-ups.

In paving the way for business our hearts go out especially to young Entrepreneurs. For this reason we have also directed our services at the complex field of start-ups and built up our own specialised team dedicated to meeting requirements in this regard.

In the seeding phase we help you develop a business plan and provide a sound commercial basis for your idea with an ideal funding model that encompasses grant schemes, venture capitalists and banks. In the start-up phase we work together with you to find the ideal legal framework for your idea and sort out location and staff issues so that you can launch your business. The operative work now begins with the “first stage” phase, during which we helpfully advise you on a wide variety of issues from invoicing and dunning to the regulation of working hours.


Our portfolio of services:

  • clarification of issues arising under commercial law
  • protection of your business start-up idea
  • selection of the optimum legal form for you
  • advice and guidance in regard to preparing the business plan
  • advice and guidance in regard to financing and dealings with your bank
  • advice and guidance in regard to possible funding sources
  • advice and guidance in regard to choosing the right location
  • resolution of staff issues (legal form of employment, indirect labour costs, issues regarding social insurance and employment law, etc.)
  • accountancy support