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Subtle Sounds!

The best conductors always work
on the subtle sounds,
never the strident tones of an orchestra!


The same applies to our delivery of auditing and tax advisory services. Our mastery of subtle differences has turned out to be an essential factor in the particularly effective guidance and assistance we offer our clients.

We know what makes Austria tick. We know how Austrians think; we know their culture, their regional customs and practices. We know where they’re coming from, inside-out. After almost 40 years of delivering our customer services with commitment and dedication, we now have an in-depth knowledge of how complex business processes relate to each other. And we have maintained a constructively critical, though respectful and appreciative, professional relationship with Austrian agencies and authorities over many years.


Think Globally, Act Locally.

In keeping with this philosophy we sought our place in one of the world’s most important consultancy networks.

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Welcome to Austria.

International companies around the world also benefit from our membership of dfk international when they avail themselves of our services for austria.

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Martin Sharp, Executive Director of DFK International

Martin Sharp, Executive Director of DFK International

“Attention to detail, thorough and yet still creative - typically Austrian. Pirklbauer is therefore an ideal member firm to meet the needs of DFK in Austria.”

Martin Sharp, Executive Director of DFK International


Europe, Middle East and Africa Firms 91
  Locations 182
  Partners 463
  Employees 3,689
Asia-Pacific Firms 43
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