You only need one good reason
to opt for the accountancy
firm Pirklbauer.


Our passionate commitment to our clients
remains unbroken even after almost 30 years.
During this time we have acquired extensive
expertise in the complex interrelationships that
underpin economic and business processes.


1.1 Auditing.

In our capacity as auditors we constantly face new challenges of dealing with continuously evolving legislation and jurisdiction as well as international regulations and auditing standards. All this requires us to demonstrate a high degree of dedication, flexibility and a spirit of innovation in our approach.

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1.1.1 Annual Financial Statements.

We not only carry out the statutory or voluntary auditing of annual financial statements but can also recognise the reality of what lies hidden behind the figures of the audited company.

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1.1.2 Our work as accountancy and auditing experts.

Our status as an auditor together with the extensive related knowledge we have gained in business processes and their accurate description in corporate accounting systems makes us experts in the fields of classic and balance sheet accountancy, thereby underpinning our ability to offer qualified appraisals and expertise.

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1.2 Tax advisory services.

In our capacity as tax consultants we provide a fully comprehensive range of tax advisory services, both in regional and cross-border matters. here, our staff work together and in proper agreement with the authorities. after all, only critical but fair cooperation with the authorities leads to positive outcomes for our clients.

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1.2.1 Preparation of annual financial statements.

The annual financial statement not only forms the most important basis for calculating taxable income but also serves to reflect the financial and economic situation of your company.

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1.2.2 Reporting throughout the year.

Many companies have found that their main banks increasingly ask for interim results in the form of short-term income statements. By submitting high-quality reports throughout the year, companies can underscore their personal credibility.

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1.2.3 Payroll accounting.

Compliance with regulations governing employment, income tax and social insurance legislation doesn’t just protect employers against unexpected back payments.

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1.3 Corporate consultancy services.

In our capacity as an experienced auditor and tax consultant, we are independent, objective experts with an extensive knowledge of effective business management. As strategic consultants we offer entrepreneurs and managers professional support in organising and optimising their business systems and structures.

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1.4 New companies and start-ups.

In paving the way for business our hearts go out especially to young Entrepreneurs. For this reason we have also directed our services at the complex field of start-ups and built up our own specialised team dedicated to meeting requirements in this regard.

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1.5 Business mediation.

Interpersonal conflicts such as bullying, harassment or payment disputes, as well as other disputes between departments or with suppliers cost time, cause considerable strain and can have a negative impact on the productivity of the entire organisation.

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